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You have worked for years to get to this point. We’re here to help you take the final step by transforming your study process. Our program will give you the confidence, knowledge, and emotional readiness to pass the NCLEX-RN® and prepare you for a career in nursing. Get ready to rock the NCLEX®!
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Course Overview

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Our NCLEX-RN® preparatory program will prepare you for everything you need to know to pass your NCLEX-RN® exam. We blend a web-based video review with our textbook and cue cards so that you know where to start, what to study, and are emotionally ready for exam day. We use a dynamic approach to prepare nursing graduates. There are no PowerPoint presentations and no lectures. Our review is built on a fun and interactive teaching approach, taking complex nursing concepts and simplifying them so they're easy to comprehend and recall.

The Ideal Study Method.

    Where to Start

    • No need to sift through years of school notes
    • We provide the knowledge you need
    • Organized & easy to find information

    What to Study

    • Cue cards for essential memorization
    • Textbook organized by body systems
    • Video review to guide your study

    How to Prepare

    • Emotional readiness for exam day
    • Develop an exam day strategy
    • Boost your confidence

Meet Your Instructor

NPowering You.

Hi, I’m Ashley. I am a Registered Nurse and nursing Professor. I am here to guide you through the NCLEX-RN® program, giving you the confidence to rock your exam.

I’m all about making the studying process fun, always ready to make complex ideas simple with the help of a party horn, Barbie doll or another prop.
About Ashley

What's Included?

    Detailed Textbook:

    Graduates of our program have called this textbook the “Nursing Bible” because of how often they return to it during their nursing careers. This nearly 300 page textbook takes the guesswork out of studying, outlining the key concepts for each body system, from head to toe.

    Cue Cards:

    There are some things that you just have to memorize for your nursing exam. There’s no getting around it. We just make it easier with a daily review package consisting of 162 cue cards, created to aid in knowledge retention of key concepts, including pharmacology.

Course Pricing.


Our NCLEX-RN® prep program consists of 90-day access to over 40 hours of web-based review videos, nearly 300 pages of a comprehensive textbook, and 162 daily review cue cards—all shipped to your door. It's everything you need to pass the NCLEX-RN®. Guaranteed.

$380/USD+ Applicable Taxes
Free shipping across North America.

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