Emotions are VIRULENT

No matter the emotion: Shock. Fear. Excitement. Sadness. Surprise. Joy. Disgust. Stress. Awe. Positivity.

The adrenaline in the trauma room when a patient is coding.

The sadness in the palliative room when a patient is dying.

The joy in the birthing room when a baby is born.

Excitement over working with your fave co-workers for the next twelve.

Anxiety over deadlines and a challenging patient assignment.

Encouragement to overcome these same obstacles as a team.

Angered answers.

Optimistic forecasting.

– Emotions are contagious. –

What contagion are you spreading in our Profession?

Be the good-contagious,

Ashley & Linda
Your On-Call Professors of Nursing #NursingNeedsYou #YouMatter #GetNpowered

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