The Art of Nursing: The Canvas of YOU

You may think you are the artist- creating a masterpiece of experiences that come together to mould your artform of nursing. You may think some of your experiences haunt you; but they don’t haunt; they guide you.

You are the canvas; not the artist.

Others are moulding you. Patients have left their imprints on you as a nurse. You are a culmination of encounters, conversations, and moments that have become a part of who you are as a nurse. Shaping your career and future reactions. Framing your thinking process. Refocusing your skills. Challenging your ‘isms”. Reassuring your inadequacies. Crafting your brilliance. Small moments, seemingly insignificant, slowly brushed and blended among the many strokes to reveal a masterpiece of past, present, and future.

Your canvas remains a work in progress. Always Unfinished. Awaiting the next illustrator’s imprint.

You are a Masterpiece,

Ashley & Linda

Your On-Call Professors of Nursing #NursingNeedsYou #YouMatter #GetNpowered

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