Motivation: THE HARD TRUTH



The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Seems simple enough…… except that motivation is anything but simple.

Let’s unpack that: The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Hmmmm……

This translates into “your why” – What is the end game? What is your goal?

If we apply this to Nursing School, almost every nursing student or Nursing Graduate preparing for their Registration Exam would be 99.9% likely to say their goal is “To Pass” …. The issue with this being the goal is that it also invokes fear.

Can fear motivate you? Yes. Should your motives be based on fear? No.

So, let’s flip the switch. How be you study to save lives instead of studying to pass? Isn’t that the actual goal, anyways? It is tough to flip your mindset to this when the goal throughout Nursing School has been to pass the next (insert 1000 possibilities).

Let’s talk about external motivation. We rely heavily upon it. Who motivates you?

An educator? Your significant other? A friend? An influencer?

We all look outward for motivation- but here’s the HARD TRUTH:

Only you can motivate you:  You will be the one putting in the effort. You will be the one studying while everybody else does the fun stuff. You will be the one telling yourself this is temporary. You will be the one sitting in the chair writing the exam. ONLY YOU!!!

External motivation will only take you so far- Your internal motivation will see you to the end game.

It is ON YOU, Nurse,

Ashley & Linda,

Your On-Call Professors of Nursing

#NursingNeedsYou #YouMatter #GetNpowered

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